Lennox Hearth Products merger with FMI Products

A few months ago it was announced that Lennox Hearth Products (LHP), which is the hearth (stoves and fireplace) division of Lennox Industries was up for sale. Comvest is the company that made the purchase. Under the LHP umbrella included names like BIS Fireplaces, Country Stoves, Whitfield Stoves, Security Chimneys, Earth stoves, and Superior Fireplaces. All brands that LHP had acquired over the years. Immediately after the purchase Wendy Howell who was the VP of sales was promoted to CEO.

Since that purchase LHP has continued development on it’s Grandview line in the Country Stoves collection and added a stove to the line up that resurrects the old Earth Stove name.

It has just been announced about two weeks ago that Comvest has purchased FMI Products, LLC (FMI) as part of the family. They say they are pleased to announce the merger of FMI and LHP to create Innovative Hearth Products (IHP). IHP being a manufacturer of fireplaces, fireplace inserts, free standing stoves, gas log sets, accessories, and venting products.

Mark Klein appears to have been named the new CEO of IHP. He was previously the CEO of FMI.

IHP has a manufacturing plant in Auburn, WA, Union City, TN, Laval, QC, Russelville, AL, and Santa Ana, CA

I do not believe that this will affect the quality or support that dealers and consumers receive from IHP, as in the past few years I think they have had hands down the best customer and warranty service in the industry. I look forward to seeing what the future has in store for them.

Your Truly,

The Stove Guy