Jotul F602 CB Cast Iron Wood Stove Review

Jotul F602 CB Cast Iron Wood Stove Review

Jotul’s claim to fame with the 602 is that it is the most popular wood stove ever built. With over 1,000,000 stove produced. That may be true and it is a really big bang for the buck. The Jotul F602 is built to heat a small space.

Jotul F602 Wood Stove

Jotul F602 Wood Stove


  • Heats up to 800 Sq Ft (The Stove Guy thinks 600 Sq Ft is more realistic, depending on your climate)
  • Up to a 5 hour burn time
  • Up to 16″ length piece of wood (more like 14″ comfortably)
  • EPA Emissions – 3.4 Grams per hour
  • 6″ Flue Collar
  • Weight: 160 lbs
  • 0.82 Cubic Foot Firebox
  • More Specs

Jotul F602 “The Bad”

  • Jotul typical 15′ vertical chimney requirement. 15′ is sometimes hard to get in a single story house. Needs to be a little longer if you have to use any elbow offsets to get the equivalent draft. Side effects of not having a tall enough flue are, smoke spillage when you open the door, hard to get a fire started, dirty glass and not a lot of heat output. Talk to your dealer about this requirement before you purchase.
  • Short burn time. This is to be expected in this size of firebox, but because of all the EPA regulations the stove does not shut down all the way so that it will burn clean enough to pass the EPA testing. This results in a 4-5 hour burn time. Not unusual for a stove this size but something to be aware of.
  • Wood length – Manufacturer states up to 16″ wood length. This is a stretch. The reburn tubes hang down a little lower in the back and you can’t fit 16″ length in the top pieces. I would suggest cutting the wood to 14″ to not be having to fight to get it in. The Morso 2B and the Vermont Castings Aspen are both a little better in this respect.
  • No ash drawer, but this is a minor detail in my opinion.

Jotul F602 “The Good”

  • Extremely quality construction. Norwegian castings, fit and finish on all the units I have seen is excellent.
  • Price point is extremely good for what you get. Not a Chinese pot metal stove, this thing is the real deal, great quality, will last a lifetime.
  • A lot of people say how efficient it is, and it is true compared to an old technology stove, but compared to it’s current competitors there is really no difference.
  • Very attractive looking little stove. Very unique and enjoyable to use.

Overall, I think the Jotul F602 is a really nice stove. Be aware of the small firebox, so small firewood and short burn time. But for the price you are getting a really quality stove that will last a lifetime.

Competitors to the Jotul F602 are the Vermont Castings Aspen and the Morso 2B, check them out as well.

Yours Truly,
The Stove Guy

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