Hearthstone Sterling HT Gas Stove Review

Hearthstone Sterling HT Gas Stove Review –The sterling has been in the hearthstone lineup for a long time. It is tried a true technology, and simply works. It is a big heater, puts out tons of heat and does so fairly efficiently. If you are looking for a big gas/lp stove with not a lot of bells and whistles this may be the right fit for you.

Hearthstone Sterling HT Brown Enamel Gas Stove

Hearthstone Sterling HT Brown Enamel Gas Stove

Hearthstone Sterling HT Stats:

  • Rated to heat up to 1800 Sq. Ft.
  • BTU Range 12,000 – 38,000
  • Optional Blower Kit
  • More Specs Here

Hearthstone Sterling HT “The Bad”:

  • This is kind of an old school gas stove. By that I mean that it has not integrated any new technology in the last few years. Still has a standing pilot light, manual pilot lighting. Thermostat is optional but it will not let you adjust flame height or do anything besides turn it on or off. Sometimes simpler is better, but my personal opinion is that they have worked all of the bugs out of the new ProFlame control system and I would definitely buy a gas stove with those controls if I was shopping.

Hearthstone Sterling Ht Control System

Hearthstone Sterling Ht Control System

  • Looks are always a personal thing so I don’t typically even talk about them. Except for looks of the fire of course! (I am kind of a fire bug), but in this case I don’t love the overall looks of the stove. It is a lot wider than deep, and the firebox is pretty shallow too. I will let you make up your own mind on that one.

Hearthstone Sterling HT “The Good”:

  • Made by a very solid company, and has a long track record of proven performance.
  • Puts out a lot of heat.
  • Actually surprisingly has a great turn down rate, you can read more about in this article.
  • Comes standard with a nice looking brick panel set behind the logs, I think this adds a lot to the realism of the fire.

Overall, I would say the Hearthstone Sterling HT is not a glitzy, bells and whistle kind of stove. It is a workhorse though, it is very efficient and has a great range of BTU’s. I would be happy to recommend one of these in the right application. Most important is that you like the looks of it and don’t put it in a tiny little room where the heat can’t circulate very well. You will cook yourself out.

Hearthstone Sterling HT Retail Pricing:

  • Black Matte – $2499 (plus required stone set, $174 – $251)
  • Brown Enamel – $2949 (plus required stone set, $174 – $251)
  • Also required starter collar (About $76 – $87)
  • Blower $379
  • Spark Screen $63 (Just for looks)

Here is a link to the manufacturer’s site.

f you own or have owned a Hearthstone Sterling HT Gas Stove then I would love to hear any comments or suggestions you have for our other readers!! Even if it is an older model, let us know what you thought of it.

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2 thoughts on “Hearthstone Sterling HT Gas Stove Review

  1. We bought one of these and it was a 1 year old floor model. Had it installed by the stove company and was amazing the first year. 2nd year the smell was so bad we couldn’t run it. Stove shop came and worked on it then we took the whole stove in and they brought it back and to no avail! It stinks terrible whenever it runs. So we have a 3,000 dollar item sitting in the family room we can’t use.

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