Hearthstone Heritage Wood Stove Review

Hearthstone Heritage Wood Stove Review – The Hearthstone Heritage has been one of the best selling stoves in the Hearthstone soapstone lineup for a long time. It is their most popular model and has been as long as I have sold them. I have burned one quite often in my store as well as personally used it to heat my home for many years. I have a lot of knowledge of the ins and outs of this wonderful stove.


Hearthstone Heritage Matte Black Wood Stove

Hearthstone Heritage Matte Black Wood Stove

 Hearthstone Heritage Wood Stove Stats:

  • Up to 1900 Sq. Ft. heating capacity
  • Up to 8 hour burn time (can be longer with good hard wood)
  • Up to 12 hour heat life of stone
  • Up to 21″ log size, 19″ is comfortable
  • EPA Emissions – 2.77 Grams per hour
  • 6″ Flue Collar
  • 475 lbs
  • More Specs Here 

Hearthstone Heritage Wood Stove Seafoam Enamel

Hearthstone Heritage Wood Stove Seafoam Enamel


Hearthstone Heritage “The Bad” –

There is honestly not a whole lot bad to say about this stove, I really love it, so don’t take these lines too seriously. I have to nit pick a few items just so I have some things to say on my “bad” list, but they are in no way deal breakers in my book.

  • In every non-catalytic wood stove made today there are reburn tubes in the top of the stove and some sort of insulation directly above those tubes. That insulation is there in order to keep heat in. In order to create secondary combustion. That insulating material has to be removed at the time of cleaning the chimney. This is done so that all the creosote that is swept down will fall right into the fire box and be able to be cleaned out easily. In the heritage this is not the easiest task. It involves removing three cotter pins. Then removing the board that is cemented in for shipping. In my experience you typically have to replace the board the first time you clean the chimney. This is less than a hundred dollar item and will usually last years after the first time.
  • The ash drawer design is not the best. The drawer itself is not very big, as well as the grate for the ashes to fall through is kind of small. There are differing schools of thought on whether ash drawers really help or not so I don’t weight this very heavily in my experience.

Hearthstone Heritage “The Good” –

  • Amazing properties of heating your home with soapstone. Another article to come.
  • This stove has very little man made material in it. The soapstone is quarried, cut, polished then assembled into the cast iron framework.
  • On the back of the stove the person in charge of assembly actually signs his name into the stone. Almost like a piece of art. All assembly is done in Vermont.
  • The side loading door is very handy. When you are trying to squeeze that last little piece of wood in and all the others are not trying to roll out on you, you will see the real value.
  • Bottom line is the stove burns extremely well, heats well, and is extremely efficient with wood.

Hearthstone Heritage Side Door

Hearthstone Heritage Side Door

Overall, if money was not my main concern the Hearthstone Heritage is absolutely the stove I would put in my house. I love the way the soapstone heats. I love the way this stove burns. The only time I would not recommend this stove to someone is if they want to be able to walk in the door to a cold house and fire up the stove to have it hot in 20 minutes. Such as at a cabin or vacation home. If the whole house is completely cold and you need to heat it up in a hurry then a steel stove would be a better fit for you, but for everyone else I would highly recommend it.

Hearthstone Heritage Retail Pricing:

  • Black Matte – $2849
  • Brown, Blue Black, Seafoam Enamel Colors – $

Here is a link to the manufacturer’s site.

f you own or have owned a Hearthstone Heritage Wood Stove then I would love to hear any comments or suggestions you have for our other readers!! Even if it is an older model, let us know what you thought of it.

Your Truly,

The Stove Guy

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14 thoughts on “Hearthstone Heritage Wood Stove Review

  1. What is a fair price to pay for a used heritage soapstone stove ? With no flue attachments ? ALso I guess I should figure in replacing that board for $100 when I get it ? As the owners of the one I am looking at has never been replaced.

    • Hard to say. It definitely depends on your area and how common they are, also how good of condition this one is in. I would think anywhere somewhere around 50% of the original retail is probably pretty fair, maybe a little more if it is only a few years old and in good shape.

      Hope that helps.

      The Stove Guy

  2. love the stove works great keeps my house at 80 no problem. the family love the heat from the fire place we live in Kodiak ak . the rock mat above the baffels has been FALLING OUT and im wondering if it is safe to use we have and this stove under a year and burn almost everyday is it ok or do I need a new rock mat

    • You need to keep the baffles in complete. If they are falling apart or falling out the stove will not burn efficiently and probably get that top of the stove way too hot. Possible to crack it in those conditions.

      The Stove Guy

  3. I got my Heritage three winters ago and very happy I did. It was worth the extra money by far. My house is about 1600 square feet and it heats it perfectly. I haven’t used my oil burner since I installed it except if I went away and the house got colder than 55 degrees, just so the pipes don’t freeze. I went from about 800 gal of oil per year down to 200. Just for hot water, as I have a seperate oil fired hot water heater. The ash pan is a pain but if you put a cookie sheet under it when you empty, it makes much less of a mess. We are on Long Island and it can get pretty cold. Would recommend this stove without hesitation. It’s a great feeling not getting 800$ oil bills four times a year. Wood is free everywhere if you are willing to look for it.

  4. We have the hearthstone fireplace insert instead of the freestanding model. It fits our small bungalow fireplace, and we love it. Three years and no problems at all, just steady heat. Its true it takes a while to heat up, but with a log on before bed it can stay warm overnight.

  5. Hello,
    I’ve been using a Heritage as my sole source of heat for the last four winters here in Montana and my wife and I absolutely love it! We bought it brand new and has been worth every penny.
    I am considering manufacturing a stainless steel protector for the bottom of the baffle as I have learned that I simply cannot be trusted not to damage this very fragile item, in your professional opinion is there any reason I should not proceed with my plan?


    • No, as long as it sits on top of the tubes and below the baffle board I can’t see any reason why that would hurt. Make sure it does not restrict the air flow in any way.

      ~ The Stove Guy

  6. I have the new Heritage 8022. Do I have to remove this cemented board as well? How will I know it needs to be replaced?

  7. We HAVE to be doing something wrong with this stove!
    Every review we read on this stove is stellar. We are NOT having a stellar experience.
    We’re attempting to heat only 1100 square feet. We’re in SC, so don’t have horrible cold, especially not this winter. And this stove does not heat out home! It’s low 60’s or even 50’s in here. I am constantly loading it, even through the night. There are always coals. It just doesn’t put of heat.
    We’ve heated with wood for decades in much larger and older homes, but always with cast iron stoves. I’ve never been child with wood heat.
    Any suggestions you have would be so greatly appreciated. We’ve never had a brand new stove before and were so excited about getting this one when we downsized to our new cabin.

    • Is the damper functioning properly? Or I also wonder if the outside temperature is too warm to create enough of a draw through the chimney. I’ve heard of that happening in warmer climates, and then the stove never gets enough air flow to heat up fully. Just a thought…

  8. We have heated with Wood for 40 years, and have recently moved into a new house and are using a soapstone hearthstone stove. For the first year and a half, we were very pleased with the steady heat, and efficient burning. However… We are now faced with a broken baffle, which needs to be replaced or repaired, and a total lack of instructions in the manual of how to remove the cast-iron support for that battle. The instruction manual has absolutely nothing about either of the baffle or it’s cast-iron support, how to remove it, or replace it. This is clearly a common problem with hearthstone stoves. Shame on them.

    • David,

      Sorry to hear the frustration with changing the baffle. It is pretty simple, instructions do come with the new baffle kit when you purchase it. Let me know what model you have and I will see if I can’t post some new instructions here for you.

      ~ The Stove Guy

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