Hearthstone Bristol Gas Stove Review

Hearthstone Bristol Gas Stove Review – The Hearthstone Bristol is relatively new in the lineup of Hearthstone gas stoves. It has a unique three sided glass viewing area, and a pretty nice cast iron design. I believe that Hearthstone brought it out to compete with Avalon’s Tree of Life. I have burned this stove in my store and am very familiar with the operation. It has a pretty neat ceramic burner design rather than the standard pan burner on most similar models.

Hearthstone Bristol Gas Stove

Hearthstone Bristol Gas Stove

Hearthstone Bristol Stats:

  • Rated to heat up to 1800 Sq. Ft.
  • BTU Range 16,000 – 36,000
  • ProFlame Ignition System
  • Split Burner Standard
  • 75 CFM Fan Standard
  • More Specs Here

Hearthstone Bristol Front

Hearthstone Bristol Front

Hearthstone Bristol “The Bad” –

  • Overall I don’t think there is a lot bad to say about this unit, other than the price. It is a little expensive in my opinion for what it is. But it is definitely at the higher end of the gas stove market, and you will get what you pay for.
  • It does not rear vent which can be a disadvantage in some installations, but most of the time this is not a big deal.

Hearthstone Bristol Top Vent

Hearthstone Bristol Top Vent

  • The three sided glass does substantially increase the clearances needed from walls in a corner installation. This is because there will be a lot of heat coming out the side pieces of glass. Can also be a disadvantage sometimes but most of the time is not a big deal.

Hearthstone Bristol “The Good” –

  • SIT Proflame Control is a huge plus. This is the latest control system to hit the industry and is fast becoming the standard in all of the medium to high end gas appliances. It gives you remote control over 5 flame heights, 5 blower speeds, rear burner on/off, and an auxiliary 110v plug in. This is all done with a really simple to use and understand remote control. It also has a “Smart Stat” feature which would absolutely be a requirement for me if I was buying a new gas stove. This exact same control system is used in a bunch of different manufacturer’s in the industry. So even if you don’t like the Bristol find a unit that has these controls. See my SIT ProFlame article for more info.

Sit Pro Flame Remote Control

Sit Pro Flame Remote Control

  • Intermittent Pilot Ignition (IPI), is standard with the ProFlame controls. See my article on IPI vs. Continuous Pilot for more information. This will save you a lot of frustration of getting down and repeatedly clicking that ignitor to light your pilot light. All done automatically.
  • The turn down rate is very good. With the split level burner you can turn the unit down from 36k BTU to 16k approximately a 55% turn down, not a huge difference but better than the industry average which is 40% or so. See my article on turn down rates for more info.

Overall I think the Bristol is a beautiful stove, and has a lot of great features for the money. In my experience in the cast iron decorative style market, the looks are the most important. So if you like the look and style then go for it, it is one of the best quality, and feature rich stoves in it’s class.

Hearthstone Bristol Retail Pricing:

  • Black Matte – $3199
  • Brown Enamel – $3499

Here is a link to the manufacturer’s site.

f you own or have owned a Hearthstone Bristol Gas Stove then I would love to hear any comments or suggestions you have for our other readers!! Even if it is an older model, let us know what you thought of it.

Your Truly,

The Stove Guy

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11 thoughts on “Hearthstone Bristol Gas Stove Review

  1. Love my Bristol stove (propane). Having a problem with the stove not turning off when it reaches the remote set temp. If I set the remote at 65 deg. the stove stays on till the temp is well above 70ish. What’s going on??

    • Is the three position switch under the stove in the remote position?
      If you hit the power button on the remote does it then turn the Bristol off?
      What mode is it in up next to the thermometer? Off, On or Smart?

    • I had the same issue and the store I bought it from sent a service guy out with a new remote and recover unit. Problem solved!

  2. How long did it take u to publish “Hearthstone Bristol Gas Stove Review – The Stove GuyThe Stove
    Guy”? It contains an awful lot of fine info.
    With thanks ,Reginald

  3. Good morning, I have the same problem as george does, This has happened to me twice, I have called the company that I have purchased the Bristol from and they have stated that the remote is not working properly they have ordered me a new remote . So i switched to manual mode and the stove did the same thing and it smelt like I had just turned it on for the first time and was burning off all the coating that the factory puts on it, Question is, How long should you smell the burn off smell for?

  4. My remote quit after a year and a half. It started with problems like
    George had above. Finally it was completely dead. The store is getting me a new one. Hopefully it’s under warranty. We do like the stove a lot but have never really been comfortable with the remote. Maybe we got a bad one right from the start.

  5. We purchased the Bristol and love the operation. I do have one concern and that is even using the verticle direct vent with the pipe in a pipe, the outer pipe gets pretty hot on the high fire. I used the existing pipe from my direct vent stove I had prior. I measure about 130 degrees on the outer pipe about 10 inches above the stove. Has anyone else encountered this?

  6. Very surprised you found no problems with the battery replacement in the stove. In order to replace or remove the batteries (which you obviously would do at the end of a season so they don’t corrode) you need to remove a plate on the stove. This is not as easy as it sounds and the overall design is very poor. The compartment which houses the batteries is beyond cheap – akin to the guts of a 1970’s disposable transistor. Also, every time you replace the batteries you have “to” sync the remote w/ the stove. FYI, even cheap generic remotes don’t require resync. w/ electronics, so they obviously didn’t spend much expertise in this area. As part of the process, the manual actually states “use a paper – clip”. For $3500, I’m dealing w/ the cheapest plastic i’ve seen in years and using a paper clip as part of an inane battery replacement design. I kept double checking to make sure this was made in the US. Seems more like a cheap “Made in China” product.

  7. Same problem with remote, for the third year now. Problem magically solves itself, but in the meantime, gas flame does not shut off. I have to shut off manually. When working, works for months. Anyone else have this dilemma?

  8. Thanks for the review, we purchased a Bristol DX around 5 years ago and are having seemingly endless problems keeping the pilot lit. The installer has come back several times, even building a metal shroud for the pilot due to, ‘too much draft’. I, myself, no longer believe it’s due to too much draft in the system.

    Is the ignition system testable? At this point with some limited web searching on this type of issue, I’ve come to the conclusion it’s the thermocouple or thermopile going bad?


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