Lennox Montage Pellet Stove Review

Lennox Montage Pellet Stove Review – This stove is sort of a cross between the old Whitfield technology and the Country stoves technology. Lennox Hearth Products (LHP) purchased both of these companies and this stove is sort of a hybrid that came out of the merging of those two brands. I think it is a good value for what it is. Not the nicest pellet stove on the market but not the most expensive either. These are manufactured in Auburn, Washington State.

Lennox Montage Pellet Stove

Lennox Montage Pellet Stove

 Lennox Montage Stats –

  • Heating Capacity 800 – 1900 Sq. Ft.
  • 55 lb. Hopper
  • 3″ Flue Exhaust
  • 82% Efficiency
  • Weight: 285 lbs
  • More Specs Here

Lennox Montage Pellet Hopper

Lennox Montage Pellet Hopper

Lennox Montage “The Bad” –

  • It is noisy. This is one of the items at the very top of my list if I would be shopping for a pellet stove. This thing is going to be sitting in my living room running almost 24 hours a day during the winter time to keep my house warm. The last thing I want is something I have to yell over the top of to have a conversation. I would not say this is the loudest pellet stove I have ever heard run, but it is too loud for me to put into my home. Make sure any pellet stove that you buy, that you hear it running BEFORE you purchase. And remember that it will sound a lot louder in your home then it will in a dealers larger showroom.
  • Fit and finish is not perfect. Play with the side doors and the hopper lid and you will see what I mean.

Lennox Montage “The Good” –

After I was kind of negative on the noise issue, there are a lot of good features that actually make this a very attractive stove for the price it is.

  • Extremely easy access to both sides of the stove, as well as mostly all plug and play components. So it is very easy to service and clean. Both a big plus in my book.

Lennox Montage Pellet Right Side

Lennox Montage Pellet Right Side

Lennox Montage Pellet Left Side

Lennox Montage Pellet Left Side












  • It has a double door latch. This is a pretty unique feature that helps the door gasket last a long time and make it really easy to close the door.

Lennox Montage Door Latch

Lennox Montage Door Latch

  •  Also the mirrored glass is a really neat and unique feature. When there is not a fire inside the front window turns into a mirror so that you don’t see the dirty inside. Once there is fire/light behind the glass it looks like it turns clear so that you can see the fire.
  • The burn pot liner they use actually works really well to get complete combustion of the pellets and not have to take the liner out and chisel out the “clinkers”. So this actually cuts down on the maintenance you have to do by quite a bit

Lennox Montage Pellet Firebox

Lennox Montage Pellet Firebox

  •  Ash pan is HUGE so you will not have to go dump that but once or twice a year most likely.
  • You can feel comfortable buying a Lennox product, in my opinion they have hands down the best warranty and service in the industry.

Lennox Montage Pellet Stove

Lennox Montage Pellet Stove

Lennox Montage Retail Pricing –

  • Stove with Gothic Trim Kit $2542

Here is a link to the manufacturer’s website.

If you own or have owned a Lennox Montage Pellet Stove then I would love to hear any comments or suggestions you have for our other readers!! Even if it is an older model, let us know what you thought of it.

Yours Truly,

The Stove Guy

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19 thoughts on “Lennox Montage Pellet Stove Review

  1. Just bought this stove to replace a 1999 Whitfield Advantage. It is 5,000 BTUS smaller than the Whitfield,so I hope it will do the job for me. Any comments?

  2. I am brand new to using a pellet stove. I love the even heat I am experiencing thus far. Have only been using my Montage for 6 days. The first 4 days everything seemed perfect. Yesterday I awoke to find the stove was out of pellets and had shut down. After filling the hopper I pushed the start button and when it did make combustion the flame was much higher than I had seen over the past days. The window glass is very dirty as well. I brushed the ash and attempted to remove the soot from the glass, but am haing trouble getting it clean. Any suggestions? Am I worrying too much about the flame size?

    • Sometimes the flame can be large, that by itself is not much too worry about. The stove does have an overheat sensor that will shut it down if it gets too dangerous. What you want to look for is the look/color of the flame. If it is really tall, dark with black tips then the stove is not getting enough air for combustion. If it is a really small, very active fire then it is getting too much air. A good installer will set this pressure with a magnehelic gauge at time of installation.

      My best guess with the limited information at this point is that either the damper on your Montage needs to be opened a little to give it more air, or the pellets you are using have a high moisture content and are causing the stove to burn dirty.

      Yours Truly,
      The Stove Guy

      • I just had my stove installed today and the fire/flame is very active and some of the pellets pop out of the ultra great as soon as they are dropped in unburnt.
        Should I try closing the damper a little or adjust the combustion screw on the control panel?

    • In regards to cleaning the glass. If you take a damp cloth, dip it in the ashes then use the ash spot to wipe the glass that cleans the residue off with little effort. Then wipe it with a clean portion. (This also seems not to scratch the glass and is recommended in the owners manual.) Seemed strange to me but when I tried it, seemed worked better than some cleaners.

    • Wet glass with fine mist water bottle. Then wet a balled up newspaper with water as well. Dip paper in ash and wipe clean. 🙂

  3. I am considering purchasing this stove and I am just starting my homework. The noise issue concerns me….if you could recommend any stove on the market of similar size which would you endorse. I have cathedrial ceilings in my home and natural echo occurs, the last thing i want is a noisey unit.

  4. Based on relatively positive reviews of this stove as well as a friend having one for a year I purchased the Montage to heat an 800 sq. ft. shop I recently built. I got the stove home and installed it with a straight out 3′ pipe per instructions. When I started the stove it was extremely cold and the stove immediately went into default with all lights flashing. The ignitor was working and you could make the stove feed a few pellets by repeatedly pushing the start button so the auger motor would work. I could never get the stove out of default so the dealer sent me a new control board to try. The stove still didn’t work so the dealer had me jumper the shutdown switches to see if one of them was the problem. The stove still would not work so loaded it up and took it back to the dealer. When he tried it the stove worked. I had the choice of taking that stove again or taking another stove that was supposedly new but I had the feeling it may have been a return. I took the other stove and installed it. When I fired it up it worked perfectly so I thought the problem was solved. Went to use it the next day and it started and after about 5 minutes I noticed the fire was dying. When I checked the stove was in default and would not feed pellets and all lights were flashing. Unplugging the stove and letting it set for a long time changed nothing. When you plugged it in the blower would come on with all lights flashing. The control board would not reset by removing power. I again checked all the switches by jumpering and again none of them seemed bad. This went on for several days and decided to return the stove. I had a small radiant space heater in the shop so decided to warm the stove to see if that changed anything. I let the heater run for several hours and when I checked the stove it would start. This lead me to believe that this problem was temperature related to some degree. When I got the first stove and it wouldn’t start I had my friend who owns the same stove come over to help me. He could not get it running also and when he went home his year old stove was essentially doing the same thing in perpetual default. He later got it out of default but has little confidence it won’t do it again. In short, in a time span of 1 week I saw three of these stoves go into default and stay there for no apparent reason. The power was checked for ground, voltage and we even ran a drop cord from a completely different circuit in another building. I also took my computer battery backup out to the shop and tried it. It filters the power so that the voltage is level and I also tried disconnecting the unit so it was on battery backup. None of this worked so I am convinced these stoves have an internal problem that is not easily diagnosed. The dealer called the manufacturer twice and was given no meaningful support. Based on my experience I would recommend anyone to tread carefully if considering one of these stoves particularly if it is to be used for occasional heating in an otherwise cold building. I no longer own the stove so it is not my problem but I would be interested in hearing comments that might shed some light on what was occurring.

  5. I bought a Montage last September 2014. It is our primary heat source for the main floor. We have it hooked up to a thermostat and have had to replace the ignitior in December or January. It is no May and are still needing some heat as a winter storm dropped in. The ignitor went out Again. We have only had the stove a little over half a year and the new ignitor is only a few months old. Unless we can find a solution to not have to replace the ignitor 2-3 times a year I am going to start severely regretting purchasing this stove.
    When it works it is great though.

  6. a local building supply is going out of business and they have the Lennox montage for 1600 new or 1400 for a demo model and the Lennox winslow for 2000. I am replacing a Whitfield Pro 30…which would you recommend? The Pro 30 I have had for 20 years, bought it new but I have had to replace the ignitor three times in the last 5 years, the blower motor twice and the auger motor once. Thinking with the going out of business sale it is a good time to by a new pellet stove. One problem is that the flue outlet is in a different position and my current stove is vented straight out the wall. The Montage flue is on the right side and the Winslow is on the left (my whitfield is on the left) Any thoughts? I have no central heat and use propane wall heaters in my bedrooms and use the pellet stove as the main source of heat in a 24 x 24 living area, with a hearthstone propane fireplace in the opposite corner for a backup.

  7. So I’m sitting here in Colorado with my Montage. In desperation, I bought it in ’08 to heat the shell of a cabin I was building. As the cabin progressed, it has become more efficient. 900sqft,on a Honeywell thermostat, and it’s comfy inside at 70F. But you are right! NOISY NOISY NOISY! Rattles, buzzes, squeals, whines. I can’t find’ em! But it just fits in the limited footprint. And yes, ash removal is simple with an ash vacuum. I also discovered that keeping the inside glass free of the dark streaks that develop requires a plastic tie wrap to run along a narrow slit (which creates an air wash on thengkass) between two pieces of metal flashing just brlow the top seal. Then vacuum it good. Cleaning the glass on the inside is best done with a damp paper towel. I open the ash bin for to dab little non-inabrasive scrubby stuff. Then wipe it down with damp/dry paper towel and enjoy your little blaze.

  8. I have a montage, so far i like it, the only issues is that it is suppose to shut the fans down once it gets cold but it doesn’t????
    Otherwise it throws awesome heat, burns fairly clean and works good!
    Any suggestions of the shut off?

    • It has to get really cooled off before the fan is supposed to turn off, maybe 45 minutes to an hour.

      If it going past this time then it may be a bad snap switch. Pretty minor part and pretty easy to replace.

      ~ The Stove Guy

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