Hearthstone Tribute Wood Stove Review

Hearthstone Tribute Wood Stove Review – The Hearthstone Tribute is the smallest in the Hearthstone lineup of soapstone wood stoves. I think it is a beautiful stove. It comes in a few different casting colors so you can suit your tastes. It is a little small for me to consider it as a heat source for your home unless it is like a 600 square foot completely open floor plan. I think this stove has a place in your living room because it is like having another piece of beautiful furniture.

Hearthstone Tribute Wood Stove - Brown Enamel

Hearthstone Tribute Wood Stove - Brown Enamel

Hearthstone Tribute Stats:

  • Up to 1000 Sq. Ft. Heating Capacity
  • Up to 5 hour burn time
  • 16″ Log Size (more like 14″ is realistic)
  • EPA Emissions – 2.9 grams per hour (Non-Catalytic)
  • 6″ Flue Collar
  • 313 lbs
  • More Specs Here

Hearthstone Tribute Top

Hearthstone Tribute Top

Hearthstone Tribute “The Bad” –

  • It is a very small stove with short burn times. This is not necessarily a “bad”, but because of those two items I would not buy this stove in order to heat your house. I would recommend it to take the chill off the front room that it is in and have a beautiful piece of furniture when not in use.

    Hearthstone Tribute Firebox

    Hearthstone Tribute Firebox

  • The enamel is beautiful but can chip easily. Inspect it closely if you are getting a floor model so that you know what you are getting. And make sure you or whoever is delivering it is extremely careful when moving it. Do not scoot it on the ground, that is the most common way it gets chipped on the feet.
  • No ash drawer, but again if you are just using it once in a while to take the chill off and have a little fire this won’t be that big of a deal.

Hearthstone Tribute Latch

Hearthstone Tribute Latch

Hearthstone Tribute “The Good” –

  • The heating properties of soapstone are amazing. I promise to write a post just on soapstone wood stoves in the very near future. The soapstone banks up the heat and releases into the room a lot more evenly/comfortably than any other type of stove.
  • This stove has very little man made material in it. The soapstone is quarried, cut, polished then assembled into the cast iron framework.
  • On the back of the stove the person in charge of assembly actually signs his name into the stone. Almost like a piece of art. All assembly is done in Vermont.

Hearthstone Tribute Back

Hearthstone Tribute Back

Overall I think the Tribute is beautiful, but it is not something I would recommend to heat your home. Give you some nice ambiance and make the front room feel cozy, absolutely. So figure out why you want a wood stove and how you are going to use it before your purchase this little guy.

Hearthstone Tribute Retail Pricing:

  • Black Matte – $1799
  • Brown, Blue Black, Seafoam Enamel Colors – $2249

Here is a link to the manufacturer’s site.

f you own or have owned a Hearthstone Tribute Wood Stove then I would love to hear any comments or suggestions you have for our other readers!! Even if it is an older model, let us know what you thought of it.

Your Truly,

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8 thoughts on “Hearthstone Tribute Wood Stove Review

    • My only hesitation when you say cabin is that soapstone stoves do best with someone that is going to be using it a steadily.

      If you are going to show up to this cabin with it cold and want it to be able to heat up the stove and the cabin quickly it may not be the best choice. The Vermont Castings Aspen would probably be a better choice in that application.

      However if this is a cabin that you are going to live in and use the stove consistently I would absolutely recommend it and think it would be a great fit. It would absolutely be enough heat and very comfortable.

      The Stove Guy

  1. I have a 16×20 cabin (no walls and a loft) in Northern Minnesota, now with the second winter using a Hearthstone Tribute. It is super insulated with good windows and door. The floor is well insulated. When we arrived on New Year’s eve at about 2:00 p.m., it was minus three degrees fahrenheit in the cabin. Once the fire started, the cabin heated at the rate of 10 degrees an hour. The stove requires tending often, at least every three hours during the first night. By morning it was possible to walk on the floor without shoes. The stove really comes into its own on the next day. The soapstone is hot and stays that was with minimal maintenance. We are able to stop firing about six hours before we leave so that the fire is completely out when we leave. I can strongly recommend this stove. It is a bit pricy, but looks really good and heats well.

  2. I have owned this stove for several years now and would not recommend it. The door is very small and firewood is not cut to fit in the door, so you have to buy special cut wood. The other problem is it does not draft well when the door is open. If you open the door to put in more wood, smoke pours out of the front of the stove. I think it is because the stove is so shallow in depth the stovepipe is only inches from the door opening. I have a straight pipe going up about 16 ft thru the roof, clean with no soot and all the seams are sealed. I frequently have to open up the doors in the house to let the smoke out at times. Other wise the stove is beautiful and well built.

  3. I am thinking about putting this in a house of 860 sq feet, and it would be for heating. To clarify, I live in the middle South – it rarely gets terribly terribly cold – and I like a cooler house anyway. Would this model suffice?

  4. I just came across your site. We have used the Tribute in our home for almost 10 years and am completely satisfied with it. Our home is 1700 sq.ft, with open kitchen/living room, and 3 bedrooms. It warms up the kitchen living room fairly quickly and by late morning we are turning on the ceiling fan and opening the bedroom doors as it is becoming too warm! We set our furnace down at night and use the stove in the daytime for heat and it has cut our bill in more than half. And the stove itself does not take up much floor space. I think if we had gotten a Heritage it would have been too large for our home, both in terms of space and heating.

  5. I have used the tribute for over a year now. I live in a 24 foot yurt on the kenai Peninsula in Alaska. I bought it because I loved the idea of soapstone but needed something small, I was downsizing from a hand me down old blaze queen. I also fell in love with the looks of the stove. I haven’t been disappointed, it has kept us warm and requires much less wood then a large stove. The only downfall for us has been the burn time. We have to get up in the night to stock it or wake up to a cold stove and cold yurt. We would stock it full and turn it down right before bed, and wake up to stock again 4ish hours later through the winter. Very nice heat, and really haven’t noticed the long wait time everyone talks about for the stones to warm up with a new fire. For our needs, we have loved this little stove

  6. Thank you for the info. I have the hearthstone 8040 at times i wish I had the next size up so I could use the larger logs . but it is what it is. My question is the piece when door is opened i need to know how it goes and is it okay to use without the piece in place.

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