Regency F2400 Wood Stove Review

I have burned the Regency F2400 in my store. I am very familiar with its pros, cons, and quirks. Although I do have my opinion which I will share toward the end, I will present the facts to you first so you can try to decide for yourself.


Regency F2400 Wood Stove

Regency F2400 Wood Stove

Regency F2400 Wood Stove Stats:

  • Heating Capacity – Up to 2200 Sq. Feet
  • Non-Catalytic Combustion
  • Burn Time – Up to 8 hours
  • Log Size – Up to 18″
  • EPA emissions – 3.44 grams per hour
  • 6″ Flue Collar
  • More Specs Here

Regency F2400 “The Bad” –

  • In my experience their warranty and customer service is terrible. I would not buy a Regency or Hampton product unless it was purchased through a great company. One that has a great customer service track record in your town. Because most likely if there is a problem you will be relying on your dealer to take care of it rather than the manufacturer.
  • The firebox is fairly small for this size group of stove. Not a deal breaker for me, but not a plus

    Regency F2400 Firebox

    Regency F2400 Firebox

  •  The air wash system does not work very well. I am kind of a fire bug myself. I love to watch the fire burn. It just makes me feel warmer just to see the glow and the flames dancing. The regency F2400 gets a sort of white haze on the glass after the first few fires, even if you are burning a hot one.
  • There are a lot of washers, bolts and pieces in the door latch that are exposed to the fire, not my favorite design for the long term. Make sure you take a close look at this when you go see it in person

    Regency F2400 Door Latch Review

    Regency F2400 Door Latch Review


    Regency F2400 Door Frame

    Regency F2400 Door Frame

  • The biggest negative to the regency F2400 is how they nickel and dime you to death with the accessories. When you go shopping ask them if it comes with an ash pan, fan kit, or outside air kit. These items are standard with some manufacturers and Regency charges ridiculous amounts for them.

Regency F2400 “The Good” –

  • The stove is fairly heavy compared to the average.
  • The steel top is made of 5/16″ plate steel which is about as thick as they get.
  • Some time has been spent on the details, such as welded tabs to hold the fire bricks in place.
  • Regency is a big name, has been around a long time. There is stability in the name

    Regency F2400 Reburn Tubes

    Regency F2400 Reburn Tubes



Overall I would say the Regency F2400 is not a bad stove. I do think that there are other stoves in this class that are a better value. And the bottom line is that I probably would not want to put one in my own home. Not for safety reasons, but just because of the features and costs that I think I can find in other similar stoves.

Regency F2400 Retail Pricing:

  •  Base Model Unit: (Black Door and Pedestal) $1874
  • Upgrade to Black door with nickel trim, +$213
  • Ash Drawer option, +$146
  • 2 Speed Blower, +$359
  • Outside Air Kit, +$78

Here is a link to the manufacturer’s site.

If you own or have owned a Regency F2400 Wood stove then I would love to hear any comments or suggestions you have for our other readers. Please let us know if you think I am accurate in my assessment or you think anything is missing.

Your Truly,

The Stove Guy

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33 thoughts on “Regency F2400 Wood Stove Review

  1. I’m purchasing one of these stoves. And my local dealer gave me what I think is a great deal. The stove was just short of 1700(including pedistol) and included a 2 speed blower aswell.

    As far as trimming it out. I’m one of those “who gives a damn” type of people. I got a great looking stove. Black looks way slicker than gold/nickel IMO anyway.

    Local dealer told me about the companies they had trouble with and stopped ordering stoves from them due to bad service. He told me that they never have a prob with regency

    So if everything else you say about the “pros” of this stove hold true, I’m going to have an awesome stove at a bargain of a deal.

    (other shops in the area want over 3k for similar square footage stoves)

  2. I noticed that the air tubes inside of the stove were glowing red. The magnetic thermometer on top of the stove showed the temperature to be at about 600 degrees, maybe a little less. I usually burn at between 400 degrees and 500 degrees but thought 600 was in the OK range. Is there a problem if the air tubes start to glow. Nothing else was glowing just the tubes. It is a Regency f2400.

    • Nope, completely normal. Means you are burning a good hot efficient fire. Good work! They are supposed to glow some. That is why buying a stove with heavy stainless tubes that puts a lifetime warranty on them is so important. They take a lot of abuse from all that heat.

      The Stove Guy

      • I thought the warranty only covers the top plates? I’m pust in the process of replacing my secondary combustion tubes. The were sagging and in places burnt right through.
        I’m building my own replacement tubes cause you are right about one thing they nickel and dime you. They want $60/each I bought a 10′ length of 316SS tubing for $80 and can make 6 replacements. I do love the stove for its efficiency. Won’t find any better. 12 years and going strong.

  3. I am using this stove since 12 years as the sole heating source for my 1600sqf house. Your evaluation of it is rather accurate. It is easy to use, and even though the door latch design is indeed ridiculous, it never caused problems. When the 2 upper bricks had to be replaced after many years, i purchased them through the dealer. As far as their marketing goes, you are right: it sucks. Pricing is everything BUT transparent and upfront, and indeed they fleece their customers with ridiculous multiple options. It is like buying a good car at a shady used car dealer: an unpleasant experience. The product itself certainly deserves better marketing and better service from the manufacturer.

  4. I bought a Regency S2400M in 2006. It has worked great, but now there are warranty problems. One of the air tubes is warped. The baffle inside above the door opening is crumbling and the door latch is too. Not sure baffle is the right term; it’s not listed in the manual. The company that sold and installed the stove is not in business. I wrote to Regency 6 days ago (email) and have not heard back. I’ve heard from others that I shouldn’t really expect to. I can replace the air tube myself, but I think the baffle is built into the stove. I don’t know if it’s safe to run the stove without it (or the 3/4 of it that remains). So far I’ve not been able to find a new door latch, but I’ve just done a brief search. I’d appreciate any advice on these issues. I agree with the stove guy on the air wash system.

    • Not sure what you mean on the baffle. The board above the tubes? Or the gasket around the door?

      Here is the dealer locator. A lot of manufacturers do not like to deal directly with customers, you may have better luck going through a dealer even if it is not who you purchased the unit from.

      Let me know if you need and I will email you directly some contact info that will get you right to the top…

      The Stove Guy

      • She is referring to what Regency calls the smoke deflector plate. Mine also burnt off. There are tabs that remain on the stove after grinding off the old deflector plate which can be used to reattach a new deflector with screws. The bricks sitting on top the air tubes are what Regency refers to as the baffle.

  5. Hi Stove Guy,

    I’m in the market for a stove and the dealer’s recommendations were either this, or a Dutchwest 2461 which was slightly cheaper. I was leaning toward this one, as it will just be a backup heat source for a house with electric heat, and so it won’t get a ton of use. I’m new to wood stoves and this also seemed easier to operate than the dutchwest which is catalytic. I’m curious if you would recommend another model for my purposes.


  6. I bought a haedly used f2400 for 400. It works pretty good. Have trouble getting more than 4 hours burntime shut right down. I think i may have some leakage around seal i guess. I am using it as a primary heat source for cottage. The 2 centre upper tubes are warped badly. How do you change these and are they an item that should be under warranty. stove is 6 years old. Glass doesn,t seem to be as clean with these warped tubes and one of the tubes has actually split any suggestions

  7. I am in the market for a woodstove. I built my house myself so I know that it is air tight. I would need an outside air kit also. If Regency is so bad, what stove do you suggest? And is an outside air kit good. I live in the cold north, so will there be frost and water issues on the outside air kit pipe that is inside the house?


  8. I have used the regency i believe was a 1200model back then ,it has been used to heat a 1000 sq ft home for 14 years ,after which the stainless steel tubes warped and the steel “baffle ” along the top of the opening were the door closes burnt through missing about 4″ of it ,went to the dealer were it was purchased and they warrantied it ,although took awhile for the paperwork to process ,got the fire box and pedestal replaced (pedestal only because they changed it from the original model )over all very happy with the stove and very satisfied with the warranty , looking forward to at least another 14 years with the warranty modle (2400)

  9. I have 26 years of experience with one of these stoves, and while the current price might lead me to shop elsewhere it was a reasonable $900 when I bought mine. The blower was a lot more reasonably priced, outside air capability came with it and the ash drawer option did not exist (that would be nice). The exposed parts on the door has been a complete non-issue as has warranty (never had any problems). I have gotten used to cleaning the glass just about every time I fire it up, I live in Texas and rarely run it more than three days at a time. I also have the gold plated door that not only looks good but has held up very well over a quarter century. I have truly enjoyed mine.

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    I don’t understand the reason why I cannot join it. Is there anybody having identical RSS problems?
    Anyone that knows the solution can you kindly
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  11. We had one in our first house in 89 and heated with it until we moved out in 94. No problems at all. We’re in house no 5. Installed 2 medium regency fp inserts 7 yrs ago. One on each end of house. Approx 2500 sf. Bought both with ss flue liners did the install myself. One gold trim one ss trim. Both with blowers. Paid around 3700 for everything. First one had to replace rope door gasket. So far so good on the other two. I’m used to how to operate and like the fact of no catalyst. I’d buy another if I needed a new stove. Like you said. Very solid and well constructed. I did have to drive approx 100 miles to get that price. An old country stove dealer that’s now out of business.

  12. I’m trying to remove my air tubes for replacement; I bought the stove second hand, and they’re bent intentionally, by the look of it. But righgt in the middle of the bend (a weak point obviously) there is corrosion and a large hole that’s going to mess with my secondary burn I’m sure. What’s the trick to getting the ari tubes out of there? Maybe I just need some more elbow grease, but it’s hard to see how they’re held in there.

  13. I used a Regency F2400 wood stove when I lived in BC Canada, it was great!
    Now I live in Washington state and have purchased the same stove, it works well but does not effectivly heat a 1700′ one level ranch house when it is 10 degrees outside. The stove is in a utility room in the 12′ X 12′ basement and the heat is pumped throughout the house via an inline 8″ fan with a cold air return – this approach keeps the dirt and ash in the utility room, not the house.
    While cleaning the stove I noticed that a horizontal piece of angle iron just inside the door on the top inside of the stove is warped and deteriorating making baffle removal difficult. The angle iron only has 3 short welds on it, this seems inadequate.
    The stove door handle – I apply graphite powder to the shaft that goes through the door and wire brush the corrosion from the angled cam latch to make for easier opening and closing. Graphite is also applied to the hinge pins so they don’t squeak/grind.
    I burn well seasoned douglas fir, grand fir, tamarack and birch and find that I need to clean the chimney monthly or smoke will drift out of the door upon opening, this is due to a light buildup of powdery creosote in the chimney, or, perhaps it is the firebox design. The chimney is an insulated stainless 6″, I experienced the same issue with a 12″ brick chimney in Canada.
    After reading the reviews on this site I will contact a local dealer as the dealer I purchased from closed his doors, I did write Regency too.
    Prior to purchasing the Regency F 2400 I installed a Harmon cast iron freestanding stove, the afterburner was a problem and it consumed a few hours every day trying to get the fire just right for the afterburner to work. Many of the gaskets failed and the stove emitted a nasty wood smoke odor so I returned it.
    Next time I will purchase the larger Regency freestanding stove and hopefully get more heat out of it.
    Thanks for creating this site, and I hope my coments assist others.

  14. We have Also purchased a regency 2400 and although you can feel the heat if you stand beside it, I feel like its not producing the heat I was expecting. I thought t would heat my 1400 sq foot home easily. Definitely a little disappointed. Are we doing something wrong?

  15. I have a 2400

    I have a f2400 regency wood stove. problem I have it gets very hot but does not heat house. 1400sq ft or just the basement. hot standing by stove but walk 10ft away and cant hardly feel heat. I feel heats going up chimney but dealer says no. stove runs around 500 degrees get roaring fire going and close down draft and it snuffs out. dealers not at all helpful. drafting sucks. help.

  16. We have a F2000M, circa 1994, which has been used to heat a 2000 sq ft home over our long Canadian winters and has held up admirably.

    I bought the home in 2003 with wood stove in place and immediately replaced the baffle bricks and a few crumbly fire bricks and since then it’s been solid. According to previous owner the crunched baffle pieces were the result of his jamming in too many big logs.

    Back in 2003 getting the baffle pieces was a bit of a nightmare. The dealer was pretty shady and more interested in selling me a VC stove than simply replacing the baffle pieces on my Regency. He even went so far as to seriously slag the Regency product. It took almost 8 weeks to get the baffle piece order to come in, and then they turned out to be for the wrong stove. I gave up with this dealer (at the time the only Regency dealer in town), and within a day or so I’d found a fireplace store that had generic baffles that would fit the F200M, and for *half* the price of the Regency baffles! I installed them in 30 seconds and checking them yesterday, 12+ years later, they still look like new. Within a year of my experience the dealer in question suddenly went out of business – it made the local news because many folks were left in the lurch having ordered (and paid for) product that they would never receive.

    Over the years I’ve reached out many times to Regency to ask questions about my stove but have only ever received automated response emails. When I’ve called and left messages, they’ve never been returned. The stove has been solid and so I’m happy with it, but if something had gone wrong I’m sure I would have had to have just gotten rid of it – replaced it outright with something else that had better customer support.

    My latest bit of frustration – what brought me to look at this review – is that though my stove has an air-mate it doesn’t have a fan/blower and so the airmate is mostly useless. This has become a bigger deal as we recently added an extra 400 sq ft to our home. And so I googled around a bit looking for the blower kit (part 846-515) and prices for the OEM kit ranged from 500$ to 900$ – that for just a frickin’ temp-controlled fan and a bit of sheet metal. Between this predatory ‘option’ pricing, and the amount of work required to figure out where I can actually buy one of these from, Regency has turned what should be a happy customer advocating their product to friends into the person who is penning this cautionary message. 🙂

  17. I purchased this stove back in 1998. It’s been in my home and used every year for heat through the winter up to the winter of 2015. I just sold my home and have purchased another one due to becoming permanently disabled. I can still load a wood stove though and I want this same exact model for my new home, the one with the pedestal. In all the years I never had a lick of trouble with my stove and I recommend this Regency to everyone. What I need now is for someone to sell me a new one at a reasonable price. I don’t want, need, nor use a blower. Just the plain flat top stove, but I would like the old fashion Gold spring handle trim for the door and the flu control. I can’t tell anyone about their warranty nor maintenance service because I never had to use it. I just need to get a new one now so it’s installed before winter get here again.

  18. So does the 2400 really heat up to 2200 sq ft. I have 1800 sq feet, .The home has 3 levels and the air flows from 1 st floor finished basement ,up to second level and then bedrooms are over basement. My old stove measures 24 d x 30 w x 22 h. It does fine , actually I have to bank it down sometimes. It is the primary heat. I am looking for the new efficency and a cleaner burn stove

  19. I am looking at at lightly used regency f2100m for supplemental heating of my basement family room which is 24×35′. If you don’t recommend regency, what brand do you prefer?

  20. My regency 2400 smokes when I open the door. I have used dry wood including some dry pine as starter to stove. I want to know how to clean the unit. Not having luck with seller of unit

  21. I purchased a 2400 in Ames last fall. I have smoke coming in when I open door to add wood. I follow the instructions about cracking door and opening vent for more air.
    I called the fireplace store in on 22 Dec 2018. Sent e-mail in Jan , several phone calls latter nothing!!!
    Customer service in non existent and calling Canada was of no avail. The Canada did provide some tips but the botton line is I have a piece of junk.

    The stack should be higher in order to get better draft. Any suggestion????

  22. 1. F2400 M wood stove with pedestal and black contemporary door.
    2. Two speed fan
    3. 6 inch venting
    4. Haul away old and install new
    Total w/ tax $3180.00

    Is this a fair deal?
    I appreciate any input.

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